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911 Highway 33    Hamilton, NJ 08690     (609) 245-8887 
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Blend is located on Route 33 in the heart of Hamilton Square.  
Blend is not a dive, not a cocktail lounge, not a club.  
It’s a bar - a bar serving small dishes and good drinks to enjoy 
in the company of friends, good music, or a game.  Blend Bar & Bistro was created with a modern industrial design.  It is simple and streamlined with great attention to details.  The vision was to use recycled natural materials to furnish the space while featuring local young designers to make it happen.  This includes the usage of reclaimed wood, natural stone, concrete and metals.  The color palette was designed to be neutral and capture the dimensions, while keeping the focus on the texture of the materials throughout.  The pop color selected symbolizes social activity, joy, fun, and interaction, which is the concept of Blend Bar & Bistro.